Espèce Asparagopsis taxiformis (Delile) Trevisan, 1845

Spécimen de référence Lagplon : IRD4650
Classification : Plantae (Règne) Rhodophyta (Embranchement) Florideophyceae (Classe) Bonnemaisoniales (Ordre) Bonnemaisoniaceae (Famille)

Asparagopsis taxiformis Spec/Obs

  • Asparagopsis taxiformis - Diploid stage

    Asparagopsis taxiformis - Diploid stage

  • Asparagopsis taxiformis - In situ

    Asparagopsis taxiformis - In situ

  • Asparagopsis taxiformis - Coral interactions

    Asparagopsis taxiformis - Coral interactions

Description de l'espèce
Commentaire : Asparagopsis is a marine macroalgae genus (Rhodophyta) that belongs to the Florideophyceae class and the Bonnemaisoniaceae family. A. taxiformis have a haplo-diplontic, heteromorphic life cycle with alternating haploid gametophytic and diploid sporophytic stages that were first described as two different species: Falkenbergia rufolanosa (Harvey) F. Schmitz 1897 (A. armata) and F. hillebrandii (Bornet) Falkenberg 1901 (A. taxiformis). \n A. taxiformis has a climatic preference on warm temperate to tropical regions over the other species of the genus A. armata. The distribution A. taxiformis is broad and has been shown to be partly due to several introduction events. Molecular studies of the genus Asparagopsis show a high cryptic diversity, increasing uncertainty on its taxonomical status and biogeography.
Protection : basse
Liste des spécimens associés
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